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Equipment rental Red Dragon


In recent weeks, we have invested in a new camera, the “red Dragon”

Equipped with the newest 6K sensor “Dragon”, the red dragon shoot images in 6K resolution, a resolution 9 times the 1080p.

The dynamic range is given by the red 16 stops and a frame rate of up to 120 frames per second , the red dragon provides a raw signal is compressed in code red and 35 mm sensor, all in mini package.

6K the new sensor provides a 6144×3160 image resolution for a frequency of 82 f/s to 6K and 120 i/s at 5K. The red dragon provides a raw signal that offers endless possibilities in post production. We process image natively and in a real time the red in our editing room for ever more beautiful and innovative productions.

The accessories available are Canon EF Mount/ Redmote/ Battery

For any request please contact me: raieddine@kp-production.fr